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Michael F, SPARC
Paneau has been a great marketing resource, driving traffic directly to our retail shops.
Kara R, Gold Light Digital Marketing
Paneau allows us to quickly and easily update our ads based on our daily events and provides us with valuable insight into how well they’re received. Great team of people with great results!
Jonathan K, MD, MPH
Not only do consumers see our ads in rideshare cars, they also take photos of the ad and tag us in their Instagram stories, exponentially increasing our marketing reach.

Reach captive audiences while they’re on the move.

Get your brand in front of valuable audiences during the most boring part of their day — their commute.

Target specific locations and times to show your ads.

You decide when and where to run ads. Target specific times, such as commuter hours and weekends, and special events like holidays and sports games.

View analytics on your ads.

View live metrics to see how your ads are performing.

A timeline of impressions as your ads are shown across the city.
How many passengers are interacting with your ads.
If applicable, the number of passengers that have rerouted to your business.

Leverage our marketing tools designed to drive growth.

We’re dedicated to building features that will help our customers succeed.

Mass Texting Tool

Advertising with Paneau gives you access to our free SMS tool which you can use to send mass texts to your clients.

Basic Webpage Builder

Use our simple website builder creates landing pages for deals and promotions.

We love local businesses.

We’re proud that our platform provides accessible advertising to small businesses. 80% of our advertisers are local organizations and businesses.

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